Boilers: Repair, Replacement, Installation

Because Winnipeg’s climate is harsh, and boilers produce more heat than conventional forced air furnaces, you’ll find more radiant heat systems here than in other parts of the country.

Radiant heat has many advantages over other heating technologies. Water is an efficient heat transfer medium, carrying heat made in your boiler to the locations where you need it most. Coupled with modern control systems (often with multiple temperature sensors, including one on the exterior of the building) a boiler system can be programmed to precisely match the needs of your individual building, resulting in very comfortable and efficient heating.

Among homeowners, there is a trend toward units that combine heating and household hot water production. Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. has specialized experience in boilers. If you need repairs, replacement, or a new installation in your residential or commercial building, call us first. We provide appropriately trained and licensed technicians to install and service boilers of all kinds – from hot-water boilers in single and multi-residential applications to large industrial steam units. We service all makes, and provide boilers and associated controls from a number of major manufacturers.

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