Marathon water heaters

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning is pleased to offer the Marathon water heater by Rheem to our customers. This high quality unit, built around a polyethylene tank offers several advantages over conventional steel water heaters.

The Marathon unit is designed to provide a lifetime of service, while traditional steel tanks built in recent years are unlikely to last much longer than their warranty. When your water heater fails, it will flood the area around it. The damage that results from this flooding only serves to increase the cost of a “cheap” water heater, as does the cost of replacing it, and installing a new one.

A Marathon water heater will cost more than a conventional steel unit, but it will pay for itself in increased efficiency and greatly extended life expectancy.

Aren’t Electric Water Heaters More Expensive to Operate?

The answer is both yes and no. While natural gas may cost less than electricity, the price of all fossil fuels has risen at a rate faster than electricity in recent years, and burning natural gas is less efficient than heating with electricity, because some of the heat produced by the combustion of the gas is lost when the by-products (Carbon Monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, etc.) are vented through a chimney or a power vent. Electric units convert 100% of the energy they use into heat, and don’t pose any emission hazard in the home.

Marathon water heaters are better insulated, so that they experience less loss of heat through the tank’s jacket than a regular steel water heater. In our experience, the Marathon units are much better built, much longer lived, and offer a better long-term return on investment than a conventional water heater.

To find out about Marathon water heaters by Rheem, or to discuss any other facet of your home’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or water heating needs, contact Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning. We keep Winnipeg warm in winter, and cool in summer.

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