When should you replace your hot water tank?

Here at Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning, we are driven (by unsurpassed family values that extend to our customers) to ensure you are aware that your hot water tank does have a life expectancy duration and expiry.

Our mission is to have our customers be an intricate part of our team, which means having extended knowledge about their hot water tanks and the telling signs that their tank may be on its last leg.

Reliable is our company name and the perfect description of what we extend to you, our customer and we understand that you may only need some quality information, so we are more than happy to provide you with that level of service, not turn it into a sales opportunity!

Spotting something “new” going on with your hot water tank can be an internal or external issue and depending on the severity of it, will be the determining factor for continued use or the purchase of a new one.

You should take the time to do regular checks on the exterior of your hot water tank; this will increase your chances of finding a developing problem before it becomes worse. Check the T & P valve for rust or water release issues, check the top-side hot and cold connectors for rust and pressure, check the drain valve for water release efficiency and ensure the pilot light is maintaining proper function. Check the temperature of the water. Is it still keeping it hot steadily? Is there any water leaking from underneath the hot water tank? Are your aerators free and clear of any white debris?

Now that you have a solid checklist to work from, if you should see any oddities or reasons for concerns, then we are here for you should you need us to come and double check your hot water tank. Learn more about Hot Water Tanks and Water Heaters or if there are specific questions you need answers to, contact Reliable.

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