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As the CBC reported, extremely hot summers are going to be the norm . This means that air conditioning in Winnipeg will become more important. Peak performance of your cooling system will keep you from discomfort and even illness, so it is more important than ever to ensure that your A/C unit is up to the task.

Selecting a company for your maintenance (or to perform air conditioner repair in Winnipeg) is not easy. Many companies will blow hot air at you. To get to the straight facts on the best cooling service in Winnipeg, consider these factors that separate Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning from the pack:

  1. Booking times – There’s no reason for you to be a slave to an air conditioning company’s schedule and be prepared to take a half day from work just to be home for when their staff will show up. Reliable recognizes that your time is of high value. That’s why our windows for service are kept as tight as possible. In the event where a service person is delayed, they will give you as much notice as they can.
  2. The right part – The most important work on your air conditioner requires top of the line parts. A non-durable piece could mean another service call at the worst possible time. Reliable only works with reputable suppliers for the parts that are required for your specific air conditioner. If you do need a full replacement, we will recommend a suitable (and potentially cost-saving) air conditioner from the top manufacturers like Daikin.
  3. We only give you what you need – Ever get the sense that a company is going to try to sell you a full replacement rather than just service the broken parts? We’ve been there too. That’s why we firmly believe in honest selling. We will only recommend replacement where it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. Service with respect –You deserve to be treated properly on the phone and in person and have faith in our delivery. We are top rated for heating and cooling in Winnipeg and our reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau speak to the faith that our customers have in us.
  5. Multi-functionality – There are some companies who will call themselves specialists, but at Reliable we believe in being well-rounded experts at heating and cooling in Winnipeg. Our multi-faceted approach to your home’s air circulation health provides you with the comfort of knowing we can service both air conditioners and furnaces at the same time.
    The bottom line for your home and its health is reliability. You need a company who will provide expert service and stand by their work.

At Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning, we stand behind our work. Our name is only as good as our reputation. We believe in being the best cooling company in Winnipeg and know that every time we go on a call – whether it’s air conditioning repair, maintenance or another service, we know our name is at stake. We employ experts in our industry because you deserve the best.

To learn more about Reliable’s air conditioner repair and maintenance services, call us today at 204-888-6663 or fill out our online contact form.

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