Current Rebate Programs with Manitoba Hydro

Unless you are in an emergency situation, you are likely planning out any appliance purchases – including heating and cooling mechanisms – rather than making impulse purchases.

Because furnace, central air conditioner or other appliance replacement can come with a hefty price tag, there will be an eye to discounts and other savings opportunities.

One of the common destinations for savings on heating and cooling in Winnipeg is Manitoba Hydro. The crown corporation offers a variety of programs on a continual basis that homeowners can use (as long as certain qualifications are met).

Current programs that will help you save on Winnipeg furnace and air conditioning installation include:

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) Wall Controls
A perfect example of efficiency are HRVs. Installed by Reliable, HRVs allow the exchange of interior and outside air every 2-3 hours. The HRV system provides thermal efficiency that can be in excess of 90%. Manitoba Hydro estimates that energy bill savings can be as much as $45 annually, while the installation itself comes with a $150 rebate.

To qualify for the program, the homeowner must be in a permanent primary residence (i.e. not a rental or seasonal home).

Affordable Energy Program
Designed to assist lower income households, the Affordable Energy Program provides assistance in the installation of higher efficiency appliances. As outlined by Manitoba Hydro,

  • Eligibility is available to:
    Homeowners with a limited income and think energy efficient upgrades for your home are too costly or hard to do;
  • House renters with a limited income (Hydro would work with the landlord).
  • Landlords interested in energy efficient upgrades
  • Apartment renters

Power Smart for New Homes
If you are building a new home, Manitoba Hydro can help ease your financial pinch.

In order to qualify, a new homeowner must be at least 20% more efficient than a standard new home built to minimum code standards.

Two options – the Prescriptive Path and the Performance Path – are available, each of which provide financial saving opportunities.

Other savings are available for insulation, lighting and water and energy saver kits.

To learn more about opportunities to save, contact Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning by filling out our contact form today or call (204) 888-6663.

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