The Time Is Now for Furnace Maintenance

The first snowfall of the year, as small as it was on the morning of September 28, was a stark reminder that winter – and Winnipeg furnace time – is quickly approaching.

Though Manitoba had one of the hottest summers on record, the immense heat will not deter nor delay winter activity and we will be soon closing in on another sub-zeo season. Whether we will see the number of deepfreeze days that we did last year or not remains to be seen (and predicted), though some reports are indicating that this winter will be warmer than normal. Nevertheless, it’s important to get your furnace checked out in anticipation for the season ahead.

Furnace maintenance is integral to extending the life of your furnace and ensuring that it doesn’t fail in the middle of January. Scheduling a maintenance check immediately is just as important, as now is the hot season for furnace service. Simply put, booking earlier means that you will be free from the logjam of appointments that get scheduled as we get closer to major snowfalls.

Running a furnace check-up should, at minimum, be done once a year; however, having a professional come twice a year – once in the fall and once in the spring (when your air conditioner is checked) – is recommended. The service team at Reliable will do a full and thorough inspection of your unit (whether it is a gas or electric furnace), provide you with a full report of your furnace’s health

Replace your furnace filter

One of the keys to the health of your furnace is ensuring that it is not just being cared for once or twice a year when you have a professional come and perform a full maintenance check – there are also operations that homeowners can do themselves.

Though there are processes you can do yourself such as inspecting burner flames for colour, cleaning blower blades and dusting mechanisms, not every homeowner is, understandably comfortable doing this.

At minimum, however, homeowners should change their furnace filters on a regular basis. Often overlooked (but simply cannot be understated) is the importance of changing your filter, as free flow of air is integral to your furnace’s peak operation and ensuring that it doesn’t break down. Though most furnace filters can last three months, it is important to check packaging to see what the recommended lifespan is for your filter.

Servicing all furnaces

No matter which model you have, Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning can service your furnace. From Daikin to Carrier to Goodman furnaces, we are able to service your appliance, regardless of make, model and age.

Where furnace repair is required, we will speak with you about what is necessary and what can wait. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and furnace service and will not push you to a project when it is not an absolute necessity.

To book your furnace service appointment today, click here or call 204-888-6663.

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